Why AC Installation is Important Buda Texas

Why Proper AC Installation is Important

Proper AC installation of your heating and cooling equipment acts as the foundation of having a cool, comfortable, and hassle-free home. It guarantees that your unit is accurate for your home and that no unnecessary issues will arise from improper install. In the case that your unit is improperly installed, we detail what the most common issues that may stem from that.


Before all else, a HVAC professional must evaluate your home in order to install the AC unit accordingly. Determining the correct size for your home is important – getting a bigger size HVAC system may mean increasing your energy use and cause unnecessarily high energy bills. Getting a smaller size HVAC system may not also increase your energy bills due to working harder to cool your home.


If your system is improperly installed, leaks in the ductwork may bring in air from unconditioned areas. Due to leaky and poor duck work, homes may lose up to 35% of their cooling capacity. Prevent this from occurring by sealing the leaks and ensuring that they’re properly insulated. Not only does your duct work have to be properly done, but the sizing of the duct is just as important. If your duct size is not properly sized, many airflow issues may arise causing more unwanted headaches of AC installation issues.


Without proper airflow, there’s added difficulty in controlling your home’s comfort as well as making your home more susceptible to poor indoor air quality. With proper installation comes proper airflow, which will lengthen the life of your system.

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