Eliminate Your Drafts in Buda Texas Air Conditioning and Heating

How to Eliminate Your Drafts at Home

Keeping your home draft free can get you and your family a long way this winter. Eliminate your drafts and live more comfortably while saving money. ATX Air has complied some at-home hacks that could potentially save you comfort and costs.

Seal your windows and doors with weatherstripping 

This provides a solid seal when your windows or doors are shut, while still allowing you to open and close them easily. Choose between a tension seal, vinyl, door sweep, or check out Energy.gov’s guide on how to choose your weatherstripping material.

Seal your outlets

Although small and often overlooked, electrical boxes are usually not well insulated therefore adding to your home’s draft. Resolve this by first shutting down the outlet using the main breaker. Then, remove the outer plate and proceed to fill in holes or openings with acrylic latex caulk.

Apply window film

Similarly resembling saran wrap, you can find this at your local hardware store and apply it by covering your window with this. Simply use a hair dryer’s mild heat to adhere the film to your window. This will reduce heat loss through your windows.

Hang insulated curtains

Prevent cold air from getting in by hanging thermal curtains. These are made out of thick, insulated material that will help your home retain its heat during the winter.

If you use all our tips and your home still feels leaky, be sure to call your local HVAC technicians at ATX Air to receive a professional inspection. We’ll help diagnose the sources and make energy efficient recommendations for your home. Contact us today @ (512) 574-8170!