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What HVAC Maintenance Can Do For You

Maintenance is an essential service when it comes to your heating and air. Most home and business owners neglect this part of their home and don’t realize the numerous benefits that can come from performing this service ranging from saving money, energy, and more. ATX Air explains what HVAC maintenance can do for you.

  • Saving the big bucks
    • Ensuring that your system is maintained will elongate the life of your system the way it’s meant to, giving you more bang for your buck. Not only will you have an efficiently working system for a longer period of time, but the proper maintenance will save your system on energy consumption and give you LOWER energy bills.
  • Giving you the comfort you deserve
    • Having a maintained system will mean having a cleaned and inspected system. This will prevent any dirty filters or coils from contaminating the air and ruining your indoor air quality. Make sure you get your HVAC maintenance for the comfortable air you deserve and the peace of mind that your system is properly running.

Save time and money and make sure your heating and air conditioning system is up to standard. Receive all the benefits of an HVAC maintenance service today and call ATX Air 512-574-8170!

Save Money this Winter ATX Austin Texas South Austin Buda

ATX Air How-To: Save Money this Winter

This year, Austin, Texas is experiencing a colder and longer winter than anticipated. Thankfully, you can advantage of the cold weather by following some of our easy tips to help you save money on heating and cooling.

Use the natural heat from the sun

Reap the benefits from the natural sunlight during the daytime and open your curtains and blinds to warm up the inside of your home.  Remember to close the blinds when the sun goes down to prevent any drafts.

Layer up at night

Layer on extra blankets and pajamas at night to allow a lower setting on your thermostat at night. You can lower your bills by 10% by lowering the temperature by 10 degrees just at bedtime. This way, you don’t have to compromise your comfort AND you get to save.

Retain the moisture

Retain the moisture in your room or home by using a humidifier. This helps because it adds moisture to the air which preserves heat better and feels warm.

Other things you can be mindful of:

  • Make sure none of your registers or vents are covered or closed.
  • Lock all your windows to ensure the seal is at its tightest.
  • Limit your use of exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen areas.

Let ATX Air help you with the cold and brutal weather by providing you with all your air conditioning and heating needs! Call us at (512) 574-8170 or email us at atxair1@gmail.com for quick and professional services today.