Eliminate Your Drafts in Buda Texas Air Conditioning and Heating

How to Eliminate Your Drafts at Home

Keeping your home draft free can get you and your family a long way this winter. Eliminate your drafts and live more comfortably while saving money. ATX Air has complied some at-home hacks that could potentially save you comfort and costs.

Seal your windows and doors with weatherstripping 

This provides a solid seal when your windows or doors are shut, while still allowing you to open and close them easily. Choose between a tension seal, vinyl, door sweep, or check out Energy.gov’s guide on how to choose your weatherstripping material.

Seal your outlets

Although small and often overlooked, electrical boxes are usually not well insulated therefore adding to your home’s draft. Resolve this by first shutting down the outlet using the main breaker. Then, remove the outer plate and proceed to fill in holes or openings with acrylic latex caulk.

Apply window film

Similarly resembling saran wrap, you can find this at your local hardware store and apply it by covering your window with this. Simply use a hair dryer’s mild heat to adhere the film to your window. This will reduce heat loss through your windows.

Hang insulated curtains

Prevent cold air from getting in by hanging thermal curtains. These are made out of thick, insulated material that will help your home retain its heat during the winter.

If you use all our tips and your home still feels leaky, be sure to call your local HVAC technicians at ATX Air to receive a professional inspection. We’ll help diagnose the sources and make energy efficient recommendations for your home. Contact us today @ (512) 574-8170!

Do You Need to Replace Your Furnace? | ATX Air

Do You Need to Replace Your Furnace?

Temperatures are starting to lower (even in Texas), which means it’s time to ensure your furnace can keep your home warm and toasty for the winter. Below we state some indications that you might need to replace your furnace for the winter time.

  • Is your furnace over 15 years old?

15 years is the average lifespan of heating and cooling equipment, and 20 years with good maintenance and reliable equipment. If your furnace is 15 years or older and beginning to have maintenance issues, your unit will be more susceptible to costly repairs and higher energy bills.

  • Is your energy bill and the amount of necessary repairs increasing?

If your energy bills are beginning to spike, this could be one indication that your unit is working harder to provide the same levels of comfort than before. If the amount of your energy bills have increased a large amount, you may need to call a professional to see whether or not the unit needs to be repaired or replaced.

  • Is your furnace making strange noises?

Is your unit being unusually loud? Are you hearing strange noises such as rattling, popping, humming, or screeching? All of these sounds can point to different issues within your furnace. Contact your local technician to properly diagnose the issue and to help determine whether or not your unit needs to be repaired or replaced.

Regardless of its age, if your repairs cost 50% or more of the cost of a new furnace, it might be a better to invest in a new one. Have any questions or concerns? Contact ATX Air today (512) 574-8170 and make sure your unit is running at its fullest efficiency!

Why AC Installation is Important Buda Texas

Why Proper AC Installation is Important

Proper AC installation of your heating and cooling equipment acts as the foundation of having a cool, comfortable, and hassle-free home. It guarantees that your unit is accurate for your home and that no unnecessary issues will arise from improper install. In the case that your unit is improperly installed, we detail what the most common issues that may stem from that.


Before all else, a HVAC professional must evaluate your home in order to install the AC unit accordingly. Determining the correct size for your home is important – getting a bigger size HVAC system may mean increasing your energy use and cause unnecessarily high energy bills. Getting a smaller size HVAC system may not also increase your energy bills due to working harder to cool your home.


If your system is improperly installed, leaks in the ductwork may bring in air from unconditioned areas. Due to leaky and poor duck work, homes may lose up to 35% of their cooling capacity. Prevent this from occurring by sealing the leaks and ensuring that they’re properly insulated. Not only does your duct work have to be properly done, but the sizing of the duct is just as important. If your duct size is not properly sized, many airflow issues may arise causing more unwanted headaches of AC installation issues.


Without proper airflow, there’s added difficulty in controlling your home’s comfort as well as making your home more susceptible to poor indoor air quality. With proper installation comes proper airflow, which will lengthen the life of your system.

Make sure to always contact a professional to avoid any of these AC installation issues! ATX Air can help you with any of your HVAC needs in the Buda and surrounding cities. Give us a call at (512) 574-8170 to schedule your appointment, get a quote, or to chat about HVAC today!

Energy Star | Buda Texas South Austin Air Conditioning


It’s common knowledge that you can take certain simple steps to lower costs of your electricity bill but having energy efficient equipment is the investment that will give you the most significant savings. Not only do you lower cost, but you improve your comfort and lower your carbon footprint as well.

Air Conditioners

ENERGY STAR certified air conditioners uses 10% less energy than other air conditioners and saves 15% more than the standard air conditioners seasonally. Having an ENERGY STAR air conditioning system is essential in keeping your home cool but your costs down.

Ventilation Fans

ENERY STAR certified ventilation fans are quiet and energy efficient and is crucial to controlling the moisture in your bathroom. These ENERGY STAR models use 65% less energy than standard fans due to their special lighting built on the inside. To utilize the fans at their max, make sure to run them during your shower and fifteen minutes after.

Ductless Heating and Cooling

ENERGY STAR certified ductless heat and air systems are highly efficient units providing comfort to your home with warm and cool air. These ductless systems are programmed to reduce the dust, bacteria, pollen, and allergens in the air for ultimate air comfort. They are eco-friendly and can save the average home owner up to 30% of their heating and cooling costs.

These ENERGY STAR certified systems saves you energy and money and provides comfort all year round. Did you know you can even receive a federal income tax credit when choosing an ENERGY STAR certified model? For more information, visit https://www.energystar.gov/. If you need recommendations or a professional install, contact ATX Air today at (512) 574-8170.

ATX Air R22 | Buda Texas South Austin Air Conditioning

How old is your AC system?

If you have an older system with R22 refrigerant, you’re likely aware of its rising cost. We’ve some bad news for you. It’s just going to get higher. Sorry to have to tell you that. We don’t like it either. And even if you have a newer system utilizing R410A…well it’s jumped in price over the last month itself.

Is there anything you can do? Yes, there is!

If you’re not looking to replace, help your older system last a few more years and increase its efficiency for a fraction of the cost of a new system. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Want to end the expense of paying $100+/lb for R22? We can remove your R22 at no cost to you and replace it with an alternative refrigerant for about half the price.


Yes. Believe it or not. There are some HVAC contractors who put their customer’s interest and pocketbook first. If you know you need to do something, but you’re not sure what to do. Give ATX Air a call at (512) 574-8170! Advice is free and our trained HVAC technicians will answer any questions you may have to the best of our ability.

ATX Air Homeowner Air Conditioning Fixes | Buda Texas South Austin Air Conditioning

ATX Air’s Homeowner Guide: Air Conditioning Fix

Summers in South Austin, Texas can be rough, but it can get even worse when your air conditioner breaks down or begins making an odd noise. Don’t panic! Many homeowners don’t possess a vast knowledge of HVAC systems, so that’s why ATX Air is here to give you the knowledge to know when and how to fix common issues without the use of a professional technician and added service fee.

Issue 1: Your AC Won’t Turn On

If turning on your AC is your issue, there are three main things you can troubleshoot before contacting a professional. The first and most common issue may lie within your thermostat settings or your thermostat power. Check either the batteries or the breaker to ensure power is properly getting through. Make sure your thermostat is on COOLING mode and that the temperature is set to trigger the cooling process within your home. Once the thermostat is checked and your AC still won’t turn on, check that power is getting to your unit. Be sure to check the exterior unit and the breaker as well. Lastly, ensure that your air filter is not clogged and remember to replace them monthly in order to avoid insufficient airflow.

Issue 2: The Air Coming Out Isn’t Cool

If your air conditioner is running smoothly, yet the air that’s blowing out isn’t cool, it’s best to check elements that may be restricting proper airflow. Over time, your air filter will collect dirt, dust, pet hair and debris and it is imperative to replace it monthly or clean it according to the manufacturer’s standards. With the same logic, you may have a blocked or dirty condenser. If there are no restrictions on airflow, you may have an issue with your compressor or refrigerant levels, where you will have to contact a technician in this case.

Issue 3: Your AC Isn’t Cooling Properly

If your system is on and cooling, but your AC isn’t cooling your home just right, you may want to try pulling down the shades of your house. If this doesn’t work, it may be because your unit isn’t appropriately sized for your home, a frozen evaporator coil, or an issue with the charge. In these situations, it’s best to contact a professional to receive a proper diagnosis.

If these quick fixes still isn’t resolving it, contact a pro HVAC technician at ATX Air – we offer a free diagnostic with repair! Call us today at (512) 574-8170 and let us help you have a cool and headache-free Texas summer.