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It’s common knowledge that you can take certain simple steps to lower costs of your electricity bill but having energy efficient equipment is the investment that will give you the most significant savings. Not only do you lower cost, but you improve your comfort and lower your carbon footprint as well.

Air Conditioners

ENERGY STAR certified air conditioners uses 10% less energy than other air conditioners and saves 15% more than the standard air conditioners seasonally. Having an ENERGY STAR air conditioning system is essential in keeping your home cool but your costs down.

Ventilation Fans

ENERY STAR certified ventilation fans are quiet and energy efficient and is crucial to controlling the moisture in your bathroom. These ENERGY STAR models use 65% less energy than standard fans due to their special lighting built on the inside. To utilize the fans at their max, make sure to run them during your shower and fifteen minutes after.

Ductless Heating and Cooling

ENERGY STAR certified ductless heat and air systems are highly efficient units providing comfort to your home with warm and cool air. These ductless systems are programmed to reduce the dust, bacteria, pollen, and allergens in the air for ultimate air comfort. They are eco-friendly and can save the average home owner up to 30% of their heating and cooling costs.

These ENERGY STAR certified systems saves you energy and money and provides comfort all year round. Did you know you can even receive a federal income tax credit when choosing an ENERGY STAR certified model? For more information, visit If you need recommendations or a professional install, contact ATX Air today at (512) 574-8170.

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