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Do You Need to Replace Your Furnace?

Temperatures are starting to lower (even in Texas), which means it’s time to ensure your furnace can keep your home warm and toasty for the winter. Below we state some indications that you might need to replace your furnace for the winter time.

  • Is your furnace over 15 years old?

15 years is the average lifespan of heating and cooling equipment, and 20 years with good maintenance and reliable equipment. If your furnace is 15 years or older and beginning to have maintenance issues, your unit will be more susceptible to costly repairs and higher energy bills.

  • Is your energy bill and the amount of necessary repairs increasing?

If your energy bills are beginning to spike, this could be one indication that your unit is working harder to provide the same levels of comfort than before. If the amount of your energy bills have increased a large amount, you may need to call a professional to see whether or not the unit needs to be repaired or replaced.

  • Is your furnace making strange noises?

Is your unit being unusually loud? Are you hearing strange noises such as rattling, popping, humming, or screeching? All of these sounds can point to different issues within your furnace. Contact your local technician to properly diagnose the issue and to help determine whether or not your unit needs to be repaired or replaced.

Regardless of its age, if your repairs cost 50% or more of the cost of a new furnace, it might be a better to invest in a new one. Have any questions or concerns? Contact ATX Air today (512) 574-8170 and make sure your unit is running at its fullest efficiency!

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